Wake up to your greatness!

Wake up to your greatness!

Wake up to your greatness!

Compared to what we ought to be, we are all generally half-awake. We keep chipping little elements out of great potential and congratulating ourselves. There is great, greatness waiting to be tapped. There are massive things waiting to be done. Potential is everywhere and your time to wake up is now. Launchpads and beginning points are everywhere. There is so much to become and to do. The limitations are never in the environment or the circumstances. Those are just mere excuses and mental blocks. The limitations are in the pillows that you choose. There are no limits to greatness except the ones we permit, accept and learn to live under. All things are possible with those who choose to wake up and really believe that they can do great things.

Greatness is a choice to wake up and not remain in slumber-mode. It is a choice to push the boundaries, break the ceiling and go beyond limitations placed around you to scare you and get you back into your sleep. How you choose to think makes all the difference. Wake up to your greatness and dare to break the mould, and shatter the glass ceiling. Like the faithfully black-belt karateka break the block of “sleep” bricks. Challenge your limitations and whoever authored them. Refuse to accept the validity of any excuse. Refuse to live below your potential. No, not for one more day! Refuse to sit on your potential, look down on your capacity or rest on yesterday’s achievements and exploits. Wake up to your greatness. Rise, walk and shine!

Your greatness has been waiting for you to wake up and show up ready for action and ready to engage. It does not matter how hard you were knocked down in the past, what matters is your resolve to wake with new energy. Rise up with a new resolve for greatness and get up with a new action-stride. Greatness is waiting for you to erase from your memory the embarrassment that you once tried and failed. To go forward choose to take the best parts of the past and stop relieving the bitter parts. Refuse to allow the past to haunt you and imprison you. Refuse to let other people’s negativity scare you and put you to sleep. Wake up, rise up and dare to do something big, bold and really exciting.

Do not allow fear to torment you and put you back into bed. Do what you fear and see what happens. Challenge your fears and confront them with enthusiastic. The challenge of waking up to your greatness is fear. Fear is the ultimate enemy of great moves. It is the enemy of all progress. What keeps most people in their sleep is fear. Fear will torment you if you give it unrestricted licensing. Stop allowing fear to rent space in your head.

Whatever the fear challenge it and chase it. It could be the fear of failure, fear that people will laugh, fear that you will be disappointed, fear that you will fail, fear that you will die, fear that you are being too ambitious, fear of people, fear of ignorance, fear of travel, fear of relatives, fear that it will never happen, fear of witchcraft, whatever the fear…face it and plough through it. Wake up and face the fear and do what you are afraid to do. You will soon be laughing when you realise that what you feared was just a scare-crow. Do not let fear put you to sleep or kill your dreams and visions. Wake up and attack fear with resolute action. Wake up and face your fears head-on. If necessary, do it afraid. Do what you are afraid to do and you will wake up something in you that has been sleep.

Wake up and pack your mind and heart with energy and enthusiasm. Pack all the energy you can into your life and daily action. No more slow motion for you. No more sleepy moves. No more lethargy. You are in the move and be fully awake and fully engaged. You do not have the luxury to play dead, behave dead and show up like a dying one. Choose to be fully alive and fully engaged. You are not among the sleep-walking ones. Your energy feeds other people’s energy. Energy is attractive and people love to see energy in motion. Choose to be full alive and full awake. Be fully alive and there is no space for half-hearted action. Take massive, determined and enthusiastic action. Be awake, show life, be lively and demonstrate agility. Whatever is happening around you, regardless of how bad it is, please do not show up asleep and in a dreamy state. Do not advertise hopelessness, despondency, dismay and defeat. No one wants to work with a hopeless loser, without energy or direction, without vision or passion. Get off the land of Nod!

Wake up and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop singing in your sleep and joining pity-parties. Greatness is not a game of luck, waiting for luck, trying your luck, and praying for luck. Life is not for the sleepy and those wait for a Big-Bang-Luck! It is not for those who dream their way through life just waiting for something they have not imagined or purpose.

You do not have the luxury to shift blame and think like a victim. There is abundant opportunity waiting for you. The way you think is important and affects what you see and how you see. It is a rough but necessary thing to say, but if your life is to become anything it is up to you. You are the most valuable player in the scene of your life.

Until you take personal responsibility everything will wait for you and remain sound asleep. Until you wake up and take personal responsibility things will be at a stand still. Wake yourself up and put some enthusiasm into your life and work. There is a lot to be excited and thrilled about. It all starts inside you and not outside you. It is not the conditions around you that matter the most but the conditions inside you that make all the difference.

Wake up and stretch. Set some big and exciting goals that get you out of your slumber. Be clear about where you are going even if you may not know how you will get there. Without a clear programme of goals it is easy to drift along and hope to arrive at some port somewhere by accident. Life is planned and planned things manifest faster. Games are planned so that you do not play to play, but play to win. With your imagination you pre-play the future. With your plans firmly in mind, you hold the blue prints of your life in your hands. When your mind is awake and directed to a clear goal, power for exploits is triggered and released. There is so much power within you waiting for manifestation. Wake up!

Set goals that are bigger than where you were when you fell asleep. You may not be where you began, but you have not arrived. Celebrate your progress but do not park too long at your last station of success. Greatness is never a terminal destination but it is always work-in-progress. Do not wait for perfect circumstances in order to wake up and follow through with determined and resolute action. Dream in colour in your darkest moments and wake up to face the light. Breakthrough any limitations in your mind. Refuse to let anyone put a barrier to your thinking and imagination. Do not let the conditions of your life dictate your pace and thought life. Take charge of your thinking and do not rent out your precious mental real estate to doubt, fear, or worry. Apply your best thinking to the deep work of creating solutions and models of greatness.  

Do not just let time pass as you watch. Do not just let time pass while you watch and wonder what is happening. Wake up, take action and get moving. Take action that shows that you are alive, awake and ready to meet life with purpose and passion. You cannot keep threatening to wake up while you snooze, hoping that something will work out and that greatness will just appear from somewhere by luck.    

Committed to your greatness.

Milton Kamwendo

© 2021, Milton Kamwendo


Milton Kamwendo is a leading international transformational and motivational speaker, author, and a virtual, hybrid and in-person workshop facilitator. He is a cutting-edge strategy, team-building and organisation development facilitator and consultant. His life purpose is to inspire and promote greatness. He can be reached at: mkamwendo@gmail.com and His website is: www.miltonkamwendo.com.


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