Take the front row seat

Take the front row seat

Take the front row seat

Where you sit determines what and who you see. Sight and insight, vision and envisioning change everything. Who you see determines who sees you. If you are blind to what matters, you will not matter much. Be deliberate and focused. Know and do what matters in your sphere of concern and field of vision.

You are not rehearsing life so live in such a way that you make your every breath count. You are a child of the Universe, with full rights of sonship and called to be among the great. Live like you belong here and matter.

There is a big plan about your life and you were not just an excuse for sexual fantasies. Your place is too important for you to count your own miseries, excuses and maladies as valid reasons for hiding your gifts.

You are not too small to make a difference and your simple actions of love and determination are significant. Step up and come forward, the bold claim their space and are willing to dare great things.

Make whatever you do count, regardless of how small it may look to others. You have a right to be here and you are passing this way but once. You might as well make the most of it while you are here.

You have likely been to a special event where you took the back and awkward seat. Obstructed and uncomfortable, you might have struggled to follow the proceedings. You are not stuck, so make quality choices.

Why stick to an uncomfortable place? You are not glued to your situation and soldered to your miseries.

Where you are may not be as bad as you see, because at any time there are multiple realities. The most important reality being the one that your mind lives in. You are not marooned in life.

Choosing clueless living is a clueless choice.

At any day and point you can make the changes that you must. It is time to change and take a different direction and trajectory. Look at life differently with fresh eyes of possibility and the smell of fresh promise.

Move from the back

Why remain in a cheese-less situation?

Move from the back row where you see nothing but the tail of things and move to the front row. Refuse to be left behind, wondering what is happening and how it is happening.

The posture you adopt in life is important. Choose to be a mover and shaker.

The choices you make determine what you do. You are not a victim, blind to possibilities and the larger picture. Move from toxic attitudes, incessant complaining and living like you are lost. Move from the back and take your stand among the great.

It’s your attitude that counts and the thoughts that you choose. Choices start in the mind. Whatever you do, do not choose to think powerless thoughts and have a victim mentality.

Ask for the script

Whatever you see happening on stage is based on the script. To change the stage scenes, ask for the script and change it.

To change your life, just ask what script you have been following and who scripted you.

Do not allow past hurts to be your script. Do not allow limitations to be your script. Do not allow what is not important to take centre stage in your thinking and your life.

The script that you are following determine the results that you get.

Until change happens in your life, belief systems and your script, you make keep grazing in the same place and wondering what is happening to rich pasture.

Keep looking deep within at the thoughts that have dominated your life because those thoughts have shaped your actions. Change your script to change your life.

How will you live?

The subject of death is not a favourite dinner topic. For most people it is a morbid subject, better left unspoken.

Yet, for anyone alive, the next and certain step will be dying. Your business between this moment and then is to make a lot of living.

Choose to be fully alive until you expire. Aspire to inspire before you expire. If you have never inspired anyone and you are on your death bed, choose to make your last words inspiring and bold.

The Bible talks of two people with the name Saul. One in the Old Testament and the other in the New Testament.

At his point of death, Saul Kish said, “I have played the fool.” That is not a good way to die. Living a lie and dying like a fool is careless living.

Saul Tarsus said, “I have run may race and now there is a shining crown waiting for me.” That is different.

How you live determines likely how you will die. Choose the right dead man’s shoes to wear.

If you wear Saul Kish’s shoes, you will die in regret and embarrassed battles. Refuse to fight battles without rewards and expend energy on what does not matter.

Like him, never subordinate corporate resources to futile battles. Live in such a way that you will die with a smile wishing you had nine lives.

There are battles to fight and others that are not to be fought. There are races to run and others to just not sign up for. That is not a weakness, it is knowing where to expend energy and concentration.

When you die, try and do it in style.

Die busy and planning to do big things. Live with eternity in mind and greatness in sight. Die talking about bigger and better things than what you have done in the past.

Where you are buried should never matter much, what matters should be what gets buried with you.

Die empty, having lived your best and mined all your potential. Die in such a way that you will have ceaseless stories to with your Maker.

Eternity is a long time, you need to do a lot now to contemplate living through it.

Die with pictures of possibilities and dreams beyond your grasp. Die thinking big, that generations unborn will want to carry forward your dreams. Die living in such a way that you inspire others to live also. Die with a story that is worth telling and writing about.

We are all motivational speakers!

Others heap up so many empty words that you cannot hear what they are saying or the trumpet they are blowing. Others live in such a way that their lives speak loud, clear and compelling messages.

Preserved, ignored and uncelebrated — that description will soon no longer apply to you.

It will be sad to find out at the end of your life that you never lived because you were too scared to step up and take challenges of living head on. This is not a dress rehearsal, it is life. Come to the front lines and choose to be fully alive.

Committed to your greatness.

Milton Kamwendo is a leading international transformational and motivational speaker, author and coach. He is a cutting strategy, innovation, team-building and leadership facilitator. His life purpose is to inspire greatness. Feedback: mkamwendo@gmail.com, Twitter @MiltonKamwendo and WhatsApp +263772422634.

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