Strategy Planning

Without a strategy an organization with not be able to unleash its greatness and tap its potential. Strategy is not just about tools. For Milton, the starting point of all strategy Facilitation is knowing what the goals of the client are. Is the organization looking for new growth? Is it trying to survive change? Is a turn-around the issue? Does it want to have better clarity? Is it trying to clarify the future scenarios? All these and more are critical questions are starting points for any intervention.

We have worked with clients in Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Financial Services, Extractive Industries, Aviation, Investment, Non-profit, Education, Banking and many other industries in developing and reviewing their Corporate and Business strategies.

Strategy is about people
The strategy process must not just be a power-point beauty parade and a one way monologue. In our sessions we engage people in deep and robust conversations. At the root of the facilitation process so asking empowering questions that stimulate vital conversations. When people are engaged they will buy into a strategy. Strategy is about people reflecting about where they are, buying into a new future direction and committing to implement the agreed plan. Strategy is about how people are organized to play to win and not just play to play.

Strategy is about change
Past success is never a guarantee for future greatness and success. An organization that is parked in the past has no future. In our Strategy Facilitation processes we help organizations confront the brutal realities they face in their organizational category and articulate a path of change. Not all change is improvement, but with out any change there can be no improvement and greatness.

Strategy is about growth
If you are not growing you are dying. An organization that has stopped growing has begun its descent towards irrelevance. Strategy is about breaking inertia and stimulating new growth. In our strategy Facilitation process we help organizations find new growth platforms.

Strategy is about difference
You always have to be best, first or different. To win on the market place you have to bring a difference that matters. Competing without knowing your difference is a strategy of losing. By helping organizations reflect on their mission, assets, strengths and contribution we help them surface and focus on their core and work to stimulate and grow from this core.