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August 14, 2017 @ 8:00 am - September 19, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

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SOME things are lost in translation, but everything is lost when there is no translation.Faced with the simplest of texts in another language that you cannot read, you look like a dumb fool. Meaning is made when you translate what you do not understand into what you can understand.

Intentions, thoughts, ideas and dreams that remain untranslated into action are wasted and lost. Concepts, plans and policies that are not translated into action are a wasted investment.

The key to greatness is not just plodding along in darkness, but translating things into their tangible equivalent. Translate knowledge into wisdom and apply the wisdom in your world and context. Translate intentions into definite plans and get moving with focus. Translate motivation into action and pursue greatness. Translate ideas into strategy and move from good to great. Translate strategic plans into action through relentless execution.

An imperfect plan that is executed is better than a glossy plan that is not implemented. What you do not translate remains useless and untapped. Do not just hold on to potential energy; translate it into its equivalent in real work.

Thought into action

It is not enough to just think, think and think a lot more. There is a difference between thinking and worrying. Worrying is like being on a rocking chair – you feel you are doing something yet going nowhere. Real thinking should be translated into definite plans. Translate thought into action and you will never remain in the same place. Crystallise your thoughts into definite plans and goals. Think big and do bold things. Translate mere wishes into decisions that lead to actions. Whatever you conceive in your mind you can achieve. Thoughts are abstract things unless if you translate them into action. Move beyond mere words, models and constructs.

Get busy translating what you know into results you can show.

Stop complaining, murmuring, grumbling, and bemoaning your fate and start doing something about your circumstances. Mere talking about your situation leaves you talking about your situation, unless you do something. Translate your pain into passion, and frustrations into faith. Stop wishing for better circumstances and start implementing. Set a definite goal and start working to make things happen. Stop merely regretting that you were not given the opportunity and start giving yourself the space to do and make things happen.

Turn your thoughts into definite goals.

One step at a time and motion begins. Once you have set a goal, place all your energy, willpower, prayer, effort and all that you have got behind the goals. Goals backed by nothing are mere wishes without launching power. You will not translate thought into action through half-hearted attempts. Put all you have got behind your thoughts and translate thoughts into realities. That is what makes life interesting and inspiring. Live on the edge, manifesting and translating thoughts and ideas into tangible results.

Everyday you must be able to account for translated thought.

Strategy into action

Strategy is about a few fundamental things. You have to clearly define your winning aspirations. You are not just playing to play, but playing to win where it matters. You have to paint your picture of success. You have to know what greatness looks like before you shoot for it.
Secondly, it is about defining your purpose. Your motivation will be strong and hot if you are able to translate clearly what you want to do, be or have what you want to have.

The next step is to define how you intend to get to your desired goal.
You do not go into a game without a game plan, wearing hope as your armour. Hoping to win is not a substitute for planning how you intend to win. Once that is clear in your mind, you have to translate your plans into action. Do what you said you will do and your strategy will start to work for you.

Sitting down to do a strategy conference is not an end in itself.

You have to translate plans into action. Go and do what you said you will do. You will not translate into action the plans that you do not believe in. Move beyond merely talking about your plans and start doing something about them.

It is not enough to just file away beautiful documents, do something with your plans.

A plan does not mean much until you put your weight behind it and start doing something to make the plan happen.

Never wait for perfect circumstances before you act. To expect perfection in an imperfect world is mischief.

Translating strategies into actions is not easy, but it is possible and that is what leadership is all about.

Obstacles into stepping stones

Life was never meant to be easy.

It was only meant to be possible. What looks difficult and impossible today will not be so forever. The obstacles you face are your stepping stone to a higher station in life.

If you want to think bigger, take on bigger problems and tackle giant challenges.

Where you are now is not a station. There are many problems inherent in looking for someone who can translate knowledge into answers, ideas into solutions, and complaints into innovative products.

Do not park behind an obstacle and watch as the world goes by, while you mourn, complain and grieve.

Confront your challenges with relentless action, commitment and persistence. One attempt is never good enough for success.

Keep at it and keep moving. Failure is not final until you finally give up. Keep going after your goals – again and again – until you get there.

The obstacles in your path come to prove your commitment and zeal. Translate your obstacles into your learning agenda.

Whatever you do not have, you have not been willing to commit enough resources, time and attention to master.

Whatever obstacle is in your path is a blessing in disguise. Love your problems; they are rungs on your ladder to greatness.

The obstacles you face are the rocks you can step on to cross to new levels and great places. No obstacle that you face leaves you where you meet.

Stop complaining about your limitations and start ploughing through them. No limitation can stand persistent and committed action forever.

What you are complaining about someone is likely smiling about. What to you is a problem is likely a profitable opportunity for someone.

Do not run away from problems – face them. Do not run away to a place where there are no problems – you are leaving opportunity behind.

If things will be better, it is because you will have made them better.

Think and work through your obstacles. You are creative, apply your creativity to your current problems and bring solutions that matter.

Motivation into action

The purpose of motivation is not to just make you feel good. It is to get you to take action and start moving.

I admit, I do not always say pleasant things in my writing. Yes, because I am not writing to massage your ego but to grab your attention and inspire you to take action.

It is not enough to sit with potential and do nothing about it. You are able to do more and be more. Take massive action and break the inertia.

Move and do something that is big, bold and exciting. You do not afford the luxury of being in a rut.

You can’t afford the luxury of wondering through life purposelessly, that would be a waste. You do not afford the luxury of being a victim.

You cannot think and act as though the world owes you a free bus-ticket to greatness. Take massive, focused and determined action.

Translate motivation into action.

It is better to fail having tried to translate your ideas into action than to succeed at not doing anything because you were too scared to try.

Stop playing coward and running away from the realities of life.

Translate the ideas you get into action.

Unless you try, you may never know what you can do beyond what you have done. Translate your learning into competence. What can you translate today?

Translate your purpose into power and make life better for someone.


August 14, 2017 @ 8:00 am
September 19, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
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