Embrace the Butterfly Phenomenon

Embrace the Butterfly Phenomenon

Embrace the Butterfly Phenomenon

R. Buckminster Fuller once said: “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you that it is going to be a butterfly.” Do not despair and lose hope because of where you are and what you are facing. When you seem to have exhausted all possibilities, note well that there are still too many possibilities that you have not yet explored. Where you are today is not all there is to life and business. You are not marooned and you will not be caged by circumstances forever. Greatness is beckoning for you beyond the bottlenecks and hedges; barriers and hurdles. 

Do not be intimidated by appearances, seasons and circumstances. Hurdles to growth are not boundaries to your creativity, imagination, potential and breakthrough capabilities. Every challenge can be overcome. Every limitation can be broken. Every season soon passes. You will not be facing forever the challenges that you face today. Practice breakthrough thinking by out-thinking and seeing beyond the challenges you face. Create your own weather and situations that you desire. There are opportunities everywhere and your mindset is critical and important. Ignite your mind power and unleash your spirit potential.  

Do not be held back by circumstances or lulled to sleep by accomplishments. Whatever the circumstances and conditions determine to grow. There are many things that grow in the winter. In good and bad times set your mind towards towards growth. Refuse to be stunted by situations. To grow you have to believe that growth is possible. There is powerful growth potential in you that is seeking explosive expression. Growth is possible in any place, in any season, in any industry, in any region, and in any business cycle. The barriers to growth will differ, but the resolve for growth must never wane. Exploit and power your growth potential. 

Choose to be a thermostat, rather than a mere thermometer. The thermometer reads the temperature and prides itself with accuracy and telling things as they are. When it is cold the thermometer readings go down, and when it is hot the reading also go high. It is not the conditions that matter. The facts you read are not all there is to a situation. Reflecting conditions is a simple reflex but not a strategic action. It is not what things are that matters most but what things are becoming and the narrative that you are crafting. 

It does not take a lot to behave like a chameleon. You just need to swallow a thermometer-spirit. The challenge of greatness is not being a chameleon in your environment, by reading the temperature and being a faithful reporter of the doom, boom or gloom. Rather, the challenge of greatness is choosing to be a thermostat and setting the “temperature” agenda. If you do not set the greatness agenda for your life you will forever be telling victim stories.  

George Bernard Shaw(1856- 1950) was inspired to look beyond the circumstances and the brutal realities of his days when he wrote: “There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” Put force to your imagination and give your creativity feet and wings. Do not look down on yourself or the power of your decisions. Inside you dwells a reservoir of power and portal of greatness. Do not let your life be guided by your conditions, but shape the conditions you desire. 

Crawling Caterpillar

When you see the crawling crawly caterpillar there is nothing in the anatomy of this creature that suggests that its fate could be different and it can develop wings, and has beautiful and grateful flying capabilities. Your life is not measured by your past, because that would be a flawed ruler. Where you have been is mere history and the present is a transit point. Your present limitations will not stop you from being great. Dare to dream and dare to go beyond your limitations and challenges. Even if the pace is slow, do not give up, because you will not be crawling forever. Even if it looks as though there is no way do not despair. There is a way and it is possible to do great things. Do not despair and do not stop because the pace is slow.     

Caterpillar Community 

When you look at other caterpillars it is easy to think you are a member of a cursed tribe that will never rise. Choose to break the mould and be a trail blazer. Shoot beyond the gravitational pull of the familiar. Do not be disappointed because as a vision community you can spare your community and institutions. Large scale greatness is possible and not the privilege of a few. The power and potential for greatness is already there. Do not despair. Change happens daily but not in a day. 

Caterpillar Talk 

You may have been listening to too much caterpillar talk. When you fly too close to the ground you notice all the maladies and easily grow cynical. Do not allow the negative conditioning of other people to become your own default life setting. Let the whole world shout out all the negativity as loud as it cares. The most important thing is what you tell yourself and the personal shout inside you. Let the whole world believe what it dares, the most important thing is what you believe in greatness and set to do great things. Do not let any caterpillar suggest to you that you will never fly. Do not let those that have given up on their dreams tempt you to give up yours. Do not let those who are blind to opportunity recruit you as a disciple. 

Sell to yourself pictures of your noble future. Insulate yourself against negativity. When everyone is doubting tell yourself that you can do it. Use the eye of your mind to see your greatness, and with your mouth shape your desired narrative. As you think so you become. As you speak so your life becomes. Regardless of what seems to be the facts around you, tell yourself: ‘I can!’ Because you can. When you feel a tinge of doubt, tell yourself: “I can!” When the day looks tough, and rough; tell yourself: “I can and I will!” When the challenges are mounting high and you can only sigh, tell yourself: “I can! I can!” When the night feels longer, and darkness is lasting even longer, tell yourself that: “I can and I will!” When success is delayed, and daily the dream seems to be slipping away, shout out loud: “I can! I can! I can! I will”

Caterpillar Change

Caterpillar experiences can easily make you think that things will never change. Decide that you will not crawl forever nor remain standing still. There is opportunity all around you. Stop waiting and being in limbo and standing at akimbo. 

All decisions have a cost. You have not really decided until you start taking massive and determined action. You tax yourself too much when you decide to live as a victim, talk as a victim and speak as a victim. Speak differently to deliver different results.

Turbulence battles have been won before and you will win yours. Tough times come, but they do not last forever. Know where you stand but never give up despite the winds that may blow. Clarify your strategy and choose where and how you will win. Keep building your strength and your capacity. These are not days to watch or create horror movies in your head. Use your mind to create visions of greatness and strategies of success. Either you become a game changer or the game is changed for you. Choose your move.    

Committed to your greatness. 

Milton Kamwendo

© 2019, Milton Kamwendo

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