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Milton Kamwendo

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Milton is an accomplished workshop facilitator, strategy development consultant and team-builder. He works with diverse teams and audiences, connecting easily with his audience, stimulating total participation and making meeting processes easy and productive.
In 2003, he founded his consultancy firm, Innov8 Consultoria and since then he has developed training workshops, facilitated team retreats, team-building sessions, strategy and planning workshops for more than 500 clients. He has packaged and delivered management, innovation, change, transformational leadership and personal development workshops for clients in the multi-lateral, corporate and NGO spaces. He has delivered motivational and keynote addresses at various events, workshops, conferences and seminars. He has also worked as a process facilitator in various high level meetings.
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Leadership Performance To New Levels

Experience winning in your business
An inspiring motivational video featuring motivational speech from T.D. Jakes. The goal of the video is to inspire people to follow their dreams and if you like it please pay it forward and share the inspiration with your friends and family.

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