Milton Kamwendo

Milton is an accomplished workshop facilitator, strategy development consultant and team-builder. He works with diverse teams and audiences, connecting easily with his audience, stimulating total participation and making meeting processes easy and productive.
In 2003, he founded his consultancy firm, Innov8 Consultoria and since then he has developed training workshops, facilitated team retreats, team-building sessions, strategy and planning workshops for more than 500 clients. He has packaged and delivered management, innovation, change, transformational leadership and personal development workshops for clients in the multi-lateral, corporate and NGO spaces. He has delivered motivational and keynote addresses at various events, workshops, conferences and seminars. He has also worked as a process facilitator in various high level meetings.

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Book From Milton Kamwendo
The Bible talks about being fruitful both in and out of season. What’s amazing is that this book was published at a time when there was a downturn in the economy of Zimbabwe but that did not stop the author from going ahead. The book title also sums it up pretty well. It’s always the right time to make a decision to change your life and act on those decisions. "This is the book that ignited within me the passion to inspire other people to achieve their God-given dreams and my life has never been the same since then." - Review by Sija Mafu

Hunt For Greatness

As a leading international transformational speaker, author and coach, my life purpose is to inspire greatness. I have a lot to share



What I Actually do

Strategic Planning & Review

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Workshop Facilitation


Organisational Development



I have never forgotten Milton’s inspirational leadership and am not surprised by the success he has achieved. Congratulations to him !

Tigere Chagutah, PhD.

International Development & Communications Specialist

I found Milton a highly motivational speaker. He has grown over the years to be an excellent business leader of note. His experiences are drawn not only from the years of business success but also personal experiences.

Tadeo Taguma

Team leader - Prolog Distribution

Milton’s passion and expertise is an inspiration to all who come into contact with him. He is a pleasure to work with and a valuable asset to the region.

Joe Levey

Managing Partner, OFS Africa and The Motivators

Milton is one of the best success coaches I have ever come across. He a prolific speaker and a great workshop facilitator. He is someone I have personally worked with and I am greatly impressed with his commitment to excellence, integrity and extremely good results. I would recommend Milton at any time to anyone serious about taking business and personal life to the next level.

Rabison Shumba

Executive Coach

Milton has the ability to connect with people at different levels and bring out the best in them. His presentations are well thought out researched and eloquently delivered. He is an inspirator par excellence.

Johnson Mahanya

Head Commercial Banking -Ecobank

Milton Kamwendo is a well known motivation consultant whose company has conducted a public speaking workshop for our organisation. I have also heard him speak and his motivational speech was gripping. He has written a number of books which are well worth reading.

John Lobb

Insurance trainer

Milton is an Expert in Business.

Dr Nathaniel N KudakwaMwari

Director at Watchman Relief Organisation

He is a great strategist and a good motivator ! Milton has a different approach when it comes to strategies.

Anthea (Dube) Paradza

Marketing Manager

A visionary and Great team leader.

Batholomew Ruwa Manjoro

Visionary Entrepreneur, Pastor

Milton is an engaging, inspiring and motivating speaker/trainer/teacher/facilitator with profound depth, practical know how, business expertise with a generous dose of innovation. He has had a positive and lasting impact on the lives of many individuals and has helped to shape the future of many organisations world wide.

Jonah Mungoshi

Life Success Coach

Milton is a motivator par excellence. His combination of analytical skills and business acumen project him as an indispensable asset to any progressive organization.

Mhonda Sibanda PMP®

Executive Financial Professional

Milton Kamwendo Quotes

Think big, dream bold and take solid steps forward. This is not a time to slow down and stop moving forward.


No situation can drown a motivated soul. No amount of obstacles can kill a worthy dream.


Move into action. Knowing what to do is not enough, it’s what you do that counts.


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